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Dr SudeepRanjanSarkar

I envision NIFF the way I dreamt of NEZ. NIFF would, now and in years to come, bind, nurture and expand talents of all hues in the world of Movies and Beyond. I believe talent comes at a price. The price of responsibility and humility. May our collective talents nurture the less fortunate. The proceeds from NIFF would go to mentor and encourage causes that plague the world. Education,Environment, and so many others issues. In the end I bow down before my master and parents for making my life worthy of this world.God Bless

 Sudeep Ranjan Sarkar
Founder and Mentor

If films were a dream, I would have preferred dreaming all my life! At NIFF I wish to do precisely that myself with NIFF and NEZ group, Mentor Sudeep Ranjan Sarkar having successfully gliding into the second edition of film festival. Now we look forward to setup and enable the greatest movie carnival; where the entire day would be soaked up in the magic of cinema. We are setting up a film bazaar where movies would be bought and sold. This year we have made the festival a three day affair with lots of pleasant surprises thrown in.

Ms. Rita Jhawar

I had high hopes when we started laying out the foundation for the NEZ International Film Festival in 2015, but the past six years have proven to me that even hopes can fall short of some amazing realities. The NIIF moves into 2021 so strong and so viable, I am literally in awe of its potential, as every year the quality of filmmaking gets better, and bigger, and more inspiring. NIFF has come so far in such a short time that I can now say, without fear of exaggeration, that we are truly one of The Go To Festivals for filmmakers and film lovers in India. And we show no sign of slowing down. We at NIFF make every season the best , by ensuring not only the best selection of independent films ever assembled, but also by promising to inspire, thrill, and excite, all who come as we celebrate the spirit of independent filmmaking worldwide. Cheers

Mr. Sumit Modak

Art is the manifestation of our deeper connections with our soul. Art of filmmaking combines a plethora of such manifestations and projects the intricacies that otherwise remain hidden. NIFF is a celebration of the grandeur of the expression of such manifestations through the craft of filmmaking and to strengthen the bond of creativity irrespective of differences of culture, region, religion, language and so on, keeping the diversity of expression intact.

Mandeep Ghai
Festival Director

Our Team

  • Sokol Pepkolaj
    Sokol PepkolajEuropian Director Of NEZ INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL
    • Mrs. Dalia Paul
      Mrs. Dalia PaulOperations & Administration
      • Mrs. Sabita Bakshi
        Mrs. Sabita BakshiOperations & Administration