4th NEZ International Film Festival (NIFF) 5th to 7th October, 2018

NIFF is an umbrella; it is a conglomeration of niche festivals under one category. We treat the entire event as a visual carnival. The purpose of the festival is to celebrate everything the visual medium of cinema has to offer.

Simple & Unique

NEZ stands for simplicity of life and existence. NEZ is not a corporate, nor an NGO; in fact no standard term can describe NEZ. It simply a platform for beings in this planet to come forward together and explore their collective talents for the progress of the world.

Platform to Promote Excellence

NEZ  is a platform to promote excellence in Education, Arts, Literature, Films, Medicine, Science, Research, Community Service etc. The philosophy at NEZ is very simple. We share collective fate. We seek new thought patterns that shall shape this world and the universe in times to come.

Boost Undiscovered Talents

NIFF stands for best of world cinemas in the categories of Feature Films, Short Films, Documentaries Films and Ad Films. A platform of NIFF is meant for bringing undiscovered pure talents before a larger audience of the world.

Glimpses of NIFF 2018 Event

Sabitri Devi Receiving NIFF Icon Award

Sabitri Chatterjee being facilitated by Rita Jhawar, Sudeep Ranjan Sarkar and Pradip Chopra

Rita Jhawar, Sumit Modak and Sudeep Ranjan Sarkar

Glimpse of The Event

Glimpse of The Event

Sudeep Ranjan Sarkar, Mandeep Ghai and Rita Jhawar

NIFF 2018 - Awards

Anand for Short Film SINAM

Anshul Tyagi for Short Film UNTIL

Aroop Dwivedi for Animation Film BULLY

Asit Biswas for Short Film WINDOW

Award for Short Film THE FIRST OFFERING

Chandan Van

Diya Dey for Feature Film DEVIL

Kshitij Sharma for Feature Film DEVIL

Neha Sharma for IN SEARCH OF LIFE

Netaji Arudra for Short Film MUTHALIDAM NOKKI

Nilesh Karamunge forFeature Film MAHAPRAYAN THE LAST JOURNEY

Palash Haque for Short Film GOD'S RELIGION

Sharmila Banerjee for Short Film ZAROORAT

System for Feature Film ONE, TWO GUESS WHO'S WHO

Tania Mukherjee for Feature Film TASHI

Vinita Mahesh for Short Film WINDOW

NIFF 2018 - Jury Members

Shantanu Banerjee

Mr.Shpëtim Vito Shakaj & Mrs.Gaël Harrison Shakaj

Sabjib Sarkar

NIFF 2018 - Venue Details