7thNEZ International Film Festival (NIFF)  From 29th to 31th October 2021

NIFF is an umbrella; it is a conglomeration of niche festivals under one category. We treat the entire event as a visual carnival. The purpose of the festival is to celebrate everything the visual medium of cinema has to offer.

Simple & Unique

NEZ stands for simplicity of life and existence. NEZ is not a corporate, nor an NGO; in fact no standard term can describe NEZ. It simply a platform for beings in this planet to come forward together and explore their collective talents for the progress of the world.

Platform to Promote Excellence

NEZ  is a platform to promote excellence in Education, Arts, Literature, Films, Medicine, Science, Research, Community Service etc. The philosophy at NEZ is very simple. We share collective fate. We seek new thought patterns that shall shape this world and the universe in times to come.

Boost Undiscovered Talents

NIFF stands for best of world cinemas in the categories of Feature Films, Short Films, Documentaries Films and Ad Films. A platform of NIFF is meant for bringing undiscovered pure talents before a larger audience of the world.

Terms & Conditions

  1. Entries will be accepted in DVD Format or Downloadable link.
  2. Last date for receiving entries 31st August, 2021  which will be only accepted with payment –via DD / direct Bank Payment to---->

NEZ Foundation
S/B Account No. 3181000100093138
Bank:Punjab National Bank
Branch :Ashutosh Mukherjee Road, Kolkata-700020
RTGS/NEFT IFS Code : PUNB0318100

  1. Late Entry Dead Line –21st September, 2021
  2. Submission charges­­­ :  as per Annexure - I
Short Film      Documentary     Animation Feature
Student Professional
Making Awards Regular 1750 30 2500 40 4500 75
Late 2250 37 2750 50 6000 90
Technical Awards Regular 1250 22 2000 30 3500 50
Late 1700 30 2750 42 4500 60
Music Awards Regular 1250 16 2000 30 3500 40
Late 1500 25 2250 42 4000 55
Artist Awards Regular 1250 16 2000 16 3500 40
Late 1500 25 2250 35 4500 55

All the details by email also at nezfoundation@gmail.com

  1. Excerpts from selected films may be used for publicity purposes only.
  2. There will be following awards

* Best Feature* * Best Short * Best Documentary * *Best Animation  * Best Director   * Best Cinematographer*

* Best Editor*     * Best Original Music * * Best Screenplay    * Best VFX *   * Jury Mention *   Festival Mention *

* Best Background Music*   * Best Foley * *Best Actor/Actress *

Special Awards         Infinite Vistas – Feature      Infinite Vistas – Documentary Infinite Vistas – Short

  • Best Feature
  • Best Short
  • Best Documentary
  • Best Animation
  • Best Director
  • Best Actor/Actress
  • Best Background Music
  • Best Cinematographer
  • Best Editor
  • Best Original Music
  • Best Foley
  • Best Screenplay
  • Best VFX
  • Jury Mention
  • Festival Mention


Special Awards        

Infinite Vistas – Feature

Infinite Vistas – Documentary

Infinite Vistas – Short

7. All the nominated films will receive a certificate.

8. Notification of short listed film will be made by 7th October

9. All the films, except for in English, must have Sub Title in English.

10. Year of Production – 2019 onwards.

11. Duration – Feature Film : Above 60 Minutes, Documentary: Up to 60 Minutes, Short : Up to 60 Minutes

12. Our Green Planet, we also have a special category “NIFF Green”. Movies which promote Green Earth can be applied under this category.

13. Films submitted under “The Smart Phone Cinema” must be shot entirely on a mobile phone or tablet in HD Video. Multiple mobile devices can be used. Software to edit video and audio as well as colour corrections and special effects are permissible. Use of other equipments such as microphone, detachable lenses, lights, tripod etc. are allowed.

14. All films must be an original production. It should not infringe copyright, trademark, or other rights any individual

15. Screening of all the Selected Films will be done, subject to permission of time.

16. Awards will be given to only those participants who attend the festival in person or through representatives.

17. Participants are required to register themselves as delegate at an extra charge which will be informed in due course.

18. Decision of Jury will be Final and cannot be challenged.

19. For all your queries, please contact : nezfoundation@gmail.com

      Mr. Sumit Modak-+91 916356796

20. Please send the following

  1. Entry Form
  2. DVD of the Film / Downloadable Link
  3. Synopsis of the Movie
  4. Directors Details alongwith Filmography
  5. Payment (DD / or Direct Deposit to Bank) or Pay Pal
  6. Stills of the movies – 3 / 4 (soft copy)
  7. Posters of the movies

 21. Selected Film will be required to submit a Trailer upto 1 minute.

All the details by email also at nezfoundation@gmail.com

and hardcopy by courier to

NEZ International Film Festival

C/o.NEZ Foundation

8 Ashutosh Mukherjee Road, Kolkata- 700071

West Bengal, India

Office: +9133 24540230, +91 9163567969


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