A Supernatural Psychological Thriller on the premise of Drug Addiction.It is a story about the youth of today who find meaning in life only through parties, sex and drugs. This is a group of three guys and two girls, and one of the guys Kabir as the protagonist, who is not into drugs himself but enjoys the company of his friends and thus hangs with them. They plan to go for a rave party on the last night of their college. Kabir's girlfriend Charlie is not a part of this group, and comes from a decent background. Yet, on the request of her boyfriend, she agrees to go for the party. At the party, under the influence of drugs , alcohol fun , dance , swapping , and sheer carelessness, and irresponsible behaviour of everyone from this group a freak accident occurs, and through a series of events, leads to the death of Charlie, without kabir's awareness. Due to an unfair and untimely death, her spirit comes back for vengeance, and what happens next forms the crux of the story.

Glamour with a heart, beauty with a soul